Oct 23, 2011

PALs Retreat

Well so much for keeping updated. We've just been doing too much stuff. We've went to the Aquarium, Pirate Show, shelling, shopping, and who knows what else. I also survived my first PALs retreat. I was so nervous Wednesday. Mom was picking on me. I finally got up the courage to go over. Kathy from Ohio showed up and I've met her two times in the past so I felt like at least I knew someone. Thursday felt totally different though. I loved talking to each person and everyone was so much fun. Sue, Laura, and Teresa from ESC were there as well. I was so glad to meet them finally. It felt like we were just old friends right away. There was 60ish people that attended. The retreat was totally worth it and I would definitely suggest if you haven't been to check it out. It was worth every cent! I received so many wonderful things. I will try to take pictures when we get home. Just too much going on here. Yes we are still in Myrtle Beach. It's such a fun area we are staying some extra days. We are going to leave here probably Thursday. We have a few more things we really want to check out.

Anyway the picture above is my progress on the Pirate Dragon. I stitched over 1,700 stitches during the retreat. As you can see there is only that square left to finish! I can't believe the end is really in sight. The ladies said I have to bring it back next year framed. They all want to see it finished just like I do haha.

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  1. You are so close to a finish. Looks great. Can't wait to see it done.


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