Dec 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 10 and 11

Wow what a weekend. Fred (hubby) and I got up yesterday and hit the road. We had just under 2 hour drive ahead of us. The only bad this is our high temp yesterday was like 20 degrees so it was COLD. We stopped at one town called Colon in Michigan. We loved the name. So we grabbed a geocache real quick. It was a nice cemetery and a very quick find. Then we got to Vicksburg, MI. Lunch was at a nice little place. There was about 30-40 people there. We had a nice meal. Then we took a quick drive to our friend's house. They had a old cache they were trading out for a new one. The old one was a HUGE ammo can in their yard. The replaced it with an outhouse and called it the Crappy Cache haha. It looks so neat.

We ran out and grabbed 4 more caches nearby. A close friend hit 6,000 cache finds. Since it was freezing we headed back to relax for the night. We had way too much fun. We all needed medicine this morning to survive haha. I think we must be getting old cause we were all pretty miserable haha. We have all decided we aren't friends we are family. We did the whole Love you Man crying last night to really prove it. I'll try to get some pictures to share later. I'm still hurting too bad to do much haha. We headed home today about noon. It was a quiet drive cause I slept the whole way home haha. Good thing hubby didn't mind driving a sleeping passenger haha.

Little bit of bad news tonite. My Great Grandmother passed away. She was 96 years old and lived a great long life. I'm glad she's not in pain any longer and her and my Great Grandfather can finally be together again. The one part that really bothers me is now I only have 1 Grandpa and 2 Grandma's left. I will appreciate them every day I possibly can. Hope everyone has a nice week and gets all the Pre-Christmas craziness taken care of.

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  1. Despite the hurting, sounds like you had a good time cache-ing.

    Condolences on the loss of your great-grandmother. 95, wow!


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