Dec 2, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 2

December 2, 2011
What was the most disappointing gift you received as a child?

When I was 10 my parents got a divorce. Needless to say the years following we pretty difficult. My mom did the best she could with what little we had. There were a few years we needed help from the government and lived in this apartment complex that was like today's Section 8 housing. Anyway really long story a little shorter it was a known thing that this row of housing was "poor". So a company came out Christmas morning and left boxes in front of the doors for the kids. It was this generic box with bags marked "girl toy". As a kid I was so excited to see this box and thought that Santa had so much to give me he sat a box outside even. When I opened the bags it was the typical girl toys. Baby Dolls. FuFu dresses. Makeup. I cried. I thought Santa hated me. I was so not the type of girl to want those things and I thought Santa knew better.

My friend Amber (Hi Amber!) changed her bad memory into a good memory. I should do that too. We survived those times and now have a beautiful home. I'm thankful I didn't "need" those toys cause my parents made sure even in the worst of times I had everything I could ever have needed. Living in those years I had NO idea why we were there. I was convinced all the kids around me had it bad but I sure didn't know why I was there. I remember telling mom stories about the other kids and being so shocked why so many of them had it bad and yet I was a happy kid. I think that living through that period of my life made me appreciate each little thing I have now.

Stitching - I worked on the Christmas on the Beach all week. It's starting to drag so I'm going to put it down for the weekend and work on Dragon Lady. I can't wait to make more progress. This picture to the right is where I'm at right now. I have 1,600 stitches in. 4 Days progress. So we'll see what I can get done this weekend. Saturday night Fred's (hubby) company is having a dinner. I always get terrified of going to those and always end up having fun so I'm just going to try to be excited about going. I just don't know the people very well. It's at a really really nice restaurant. Mom is angry cause she LOVES this place haha.

Well I'm off to start my day. Today is supposed to have a trip to Hobby Lobby and my stitch store. So we'll see what I can post about tomorrow. Have a great day and a great weekend!


  1. Hi Katie!

    Ok, I laughed out loud when I read the "fru fru" dresses part, because that is SO not you! It's not me either, so I completely understand!

    As far as the dinner...I can so relate to that! Remember how shy and scared I was at the first Meet & Eat in Auburn? Look at how far we've come since that day! Hey, wait a dang minute! Don't you be going to that dinner and making all new friends!!!

  2. Both your WIP's look great!


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