Dec 22, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 22

Thursday, December 22, 2011 What are your favourite holiday traditions?
Friday, December 23, 2011 What will you be doing over the weekend?

Both of these questions mean about the same thing to me. So I'm going to answer both today and tomorrow just do my own thing.

Our traditions start tomorrow. Fred has to work but after he gets off work we will head down to my Dad and Step Mom's. We always wake up with my Dad on Christmas Eve. It's been that way since my parents got a divorce so we just kept it up. Tomorrow night we will watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We will laugh and be tortured over the gifts under the tree staring at us. Then we will finally go to sleep only to probably wake up early to start the fun. We will open gifts with my dad and step mom. For lunch we head off to my dad's parents. We will have way too much to eat and open more presents. Then for dinner we head off to my mom's mom. We eat yet more food and become even more miserable. Plus yet again open more presents.

When we have just had too much we head home. Before we bought a house with my mom we would go to her house and sleep to wake up with her Christmas morning. Owning a house together makes this a lot easier haha. We just come home. Somehow after Jeremiah and I go to bed all these amazing gifts show up. (Love this part.) When we wake up Christmas morning we come downstairs to an amazing sight. Jeremiah sorts out the gifts while mom and me make fried donuts with sugar coating. We hurriedly eat our breakfast and start opening presents. We are so spoiled. Then we spend the rest of the week giggling and having so much fun and feeling so loved.

Day Number 9 on the 12 Days of Christmas Exchange was some awesome fabric. There is a huge amount of Spider-man material and then some totally cool car material. Thank you Karen!!!

I also added another chart on my WIPocalypse List today. I saw this chart in a magazine at my Fall Hoosier Stitcher Retreat. It's from the Jan 2012 Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine. I received the pattern in the mail today. I think it will look perfect beside my Merry Christmas piece I finished in 2010. Just what I need something else SCREAMING stitch me haha. I definitely need to find more time to do everything I want to do in the New Year.

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