Dec 5, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 5

Monday, December 5, 2011  What was the first gift you ever made another person?

 Wow what a hard question. I love these though cause it makes your brain explode with things to think about. With my love of cross stitching I've done a lot of gifts for my loved ones. I immediately went to where I put all my cross stitching photos. Let's see what some of them are I've stitched.

These are 5 projects I've done for others. This little dragon I stitched for a friend Sue. We made a quilt of patterns that you represented each of us. Of course with my love of dragons I just had to stitch this one.

This is a pillow I did for my mom. She loves lighthouses and all things nautical so I just had to do this one for her.

Another piece I did for my mom. This one has a lot of beads in it. I just love working with beads.

This one was stitched into a quilt for Petra. I knew she liked cats and I thought this one was purfect for her haha.

Yet another for my mom. Loved the saying. I've stitched a lot of things for my friends and family. These are just a quick 5 I picked out. I love cross stitching and I love giving so it makes since to stitch gifts for people I love. Hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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  1. Those are nice gifts you've given others, Katie.


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