Dec 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 6 and a Finish

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Do you like to try to guess your gifts ahead of time?

No. I love the magic of gift giving. I don't want to spoil it. This is how bad it is....for Christmas we don't put presents under the tree. My sweet hubby puts them out after Jeremiah and me go upstairs to bed Christmas Eve. When we walk downstairs Christmas morning there they are. I love the shock! I love the magic we make it. I know some of my gifts I'm getting and I literally do everything I can to forget about them. We all joke the whole month about we know what the others are getting. Then we make up something stupid like I tell Jeremiah all the time he's getting a barbie dream house or something like that. He will say I'm getting a mud puddle. It's fun and we love it.

 Yesterday I had a finish. This is a freebie I found online here. It stitched up so quick. I started it Sunday. I just loved how quick it looked to stitch up. I finished it using this online tutorial as a pinkeep. Now I'm working on my Dragon Lady again. She started screaming at me to stitch her.


  1. That is a SUPER cute ornament! I'm with you on trying to forget what I am getting. I always make my list SUPER long, so that I double likely to forget what was on

    I like the mud puddle idea. I might have to get the kids one of those this year!

  2. looks great Katie...
    i have that printed....somewhere!!!
    We never put gifts out ahead of time either....too tempting!

  3. I love to keep our gifts a surprise! Last year I really managed to pull off a great surprise for our girls 9they are both grown) and I think I may just be able to do it again this year! My husband's gifts always surprise me...he is a great gift giver!
    I love that ornament...I think I have it somewhere looks so pretty all stitched up and finished!


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