Jan 20, 2012


I did it! I stuck with it all week long. I did get quite a bit done. I'm happy with my progress. Now it's all put away for the IHSW. Kinda funny I'm mostly a hermit this time of year and tomorrow is the one time I'm going out this month haha. Oh well. I will still steal some stitching time today and Sunday.

Here is my new start for the weekend. I love this little kit. I have it all ready and as soon as I get caught up on my computer stuff I'm off to stitch. I'll update Sunday.

Hope all the other IHSWers have a great weekend and get a lot of X's in.


  1. Katie! I love that Christmas on the beach piece! I've considered buying it so many times!
    Your stitching looks beautiful, as always! :)
    Cute little new start, too!

  2. LOL!!! So it's kinda a reversal hermitting for you. Enjoy your time out and then hermitting.

    Great going on the beach scene and looking forward to your new start. :)

  3. YeA!!! The "Chair" on the beach looks GREAT! =) Enjoy your time "off" with your ornie....

  4. The beach scene looks inviting right now. Can't wait to see your start on the Mill Hill kit.


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