Jan 22, 2012

Not a Successful IHSW

I was all excited Friday to start my new start for IHSW. Fred had a meeting after work so I knew I would have a lot of stitching time. I got a nice start. Got this much done and realized I had counted wrong. It all needed to be shifted one stitch to the right. So I unstitched it all and moved it over. I ended up having time to restitch what I had ripped out with just the few red stitches added. I can't complain I guess I just have to remember every stitch is one stitch closer to a finish. Just not a very good contribution to IHSW this time around.

We also ended up getting a beautiful snow storm. Only problem is we needed to be on the road early Saturday. We ended up with like 5 inches of snow but the roads were fine by the time we hit the road. We headed up north west to visit with our favorite friends. In our hobby geocaching we have met some great people. This past few years we have really grown very close. We try to get together at least once a month. This time we went up to Chesterton, Indiana. We all met at a hotel for the night. 5 of us met there before lunch and then went over to Laporte to the World's Best Cross Stitch Store House of Stitches. Seriously I've been to several stores and this one is my favorite by far! The 3 guys left and went caching. Amber and I got to shopping. I had a list of projects that I wanted to buy fabric for. I hit the mother load. I got some gorgeous pieces. I'll post a photo tomorrow. The guys found 8 caches while us girls were shopping. Then we met several others for dinner. We had a very nice dinner and then headed back to the hotel for more visiting. We had 7 people stay the night. We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun. I laughed so hard my side hurts still. We ended up going to bed at like 3am our time haha. Woke up this morning had a quick breakfast and hit the road home. The worst part about having these great friends is we live almost 3 hours apart. It's worth it for sure though cause they are the best you could ever ask for. I'll have more tomorrow.


  1. Way I see it, Katie, you got twice the amount done, taking into account that you had to frog and restitch. That's perseverence! :D

  2. Great progress done Katie... since you did it tewice... and your weekend sounded as being tons of fun :D


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