Mar 1, 2012

Leap Day

So yesterday HAED had a sale for Leap Day. This chart just had to belong to me. I have always loved reading and now my son loves reading also. So how perfect is this chart for us. Best part it's a mini so I knew better than to fall for another HUGE chart. This one just might actually get finished in my lifetime haha. The chart is called A Good Book. Maybe I'll start it for this month's IHSW.

Yesterday was a really weird day. Started with my not sleeping well and then having horrible weird dreams. The propane truck pulled up right under my bedroom window which caused my two dogs to go into hysterical barking fits. Of course this jumped me awake out of my weird dream I was in that in between not awake awake place. I started the dizzy confusing walk to the bathroom and when I opened the bedroom door my mother was standing there and scared me totally to death. She was laughing so hard which didn't help at all haha. Then we hurriedly got ready and left to go down to visit my Grandma Faust. We did have a nice visit even though I was discombobulated all day because of the way my day started haha. We came home and I talked to my friend that the dream was about. We tried to find the meaning behind her being kidnapped by weird guys and a magician LOL. Then we went out to a geocaching dinner. We had a get together in honor of Leap Day. A lot of people are trying to get a cache every day for the year and having one of the 366th day is pretty special. There was 65 people total there. The food was delicious. It was a local owned BBQ that was opened by another fellow geocacher even. It was a long day which meant no stitching but at least I had time to buy my new HAED chart.

Yesterday was a day full of bad storms and dangerous weather. I hope everyone is safe and sound. It's scary how quick several weather can strike. If you don't have one go out today and buy a weather radio. My husband and I are very active weather watchers. He is even a trained weather spotter. We would suggest getting a Midland Weather Radio. Our local Walmart, CVS, and even Walgreen's carry these. Tomorrow is already being talked about to be another serious outbreak in potential tornado's. Please be safe!


  1. Great chart! Sorry your day was so miscombobulated, but it sounds like it ended well. Great idea about the weather radio!

  2. Those HAED's are ambitious projects for sure. How big is a "mini"? lol Glad you had a good visit with G'ma.

    People startle me all the time. I bet there isn't one person at work who hasn't "scared" me because I was engrossed in what I was doing and they said my name, LOL. They laugh at me, too.

  3. That chart certainly does say KATIE all over it!! Congrats on your new stash!

  4. I'm so glad you got the dragon! I'm really looking forward to following your progress on it, even if it takes our whole lifetimes!

    Also...I don't need a weather radio....I have you! You are more prompt to warn me of anything coming my way than any silly

    (yes, we do have a radio, but it seriously needs replaced)

  5. Really cool! Will look forward to updates as you work on it.

    Mary Louise in IN

  6. Hello

    Just having a peek at your blog.

    Your new HAED chart is fab!

    Looking forward to seeing that one progress.

  7. My husband would LOVE that!!! If I ever get brave enough to try an HAED I will have to look for this one!

  8. Love the HAED chart you chose...can't wait for you to start so I can see the progress! Hope you had a great time geocaching!

  9. That's a great HAED chart! Be careful in that dangerous weather. Have fun geocaching!


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