Apr 22, 2012

April IHSW and TUSAL

So my last post I was really worried about my IHSW. I knew my Saturday and Sunday was going to be pretty busy. But.... I almost finished my new Mill Hill kit on Friday! I was lucky to steal a lot of stitching time.

Saturday we hit the road early in the morning and headed about 1 hour and a half away. We have been looking for a cargo trailer for awhile. We love camping but have a very hard time squeezing everything we need in our truck. So guess what we finally found...

It's perfect. It cost a small fortune but was worth every penny. I can't believe how much room we will have now for our things. We will have no more issues decided what we can take cause now we can take it all if we want haha. We also had a geocaching lunch which worked out perfect since we were already in town. Two friends were there so it was a very nice visit. We spent the evening relaxing and watching movies as a family so I was right no stitching Saturday.

Today we had planned to attend another geocaching event. But I started thinking about what all we could do here that would be even more helpful since we have our first camping trip next weekend. Fred has been working hard all day. Mom and I put out 4 more bags of mulch real quick. The trailer is already half packed for the camping trip. The best news for most that have stopped by my blog.....I had a finish!

This one stitched up QUICK. I really enjoyed working on it. I just realized I totally forgot to post about this kit. Annette from a fantastic group I'm in has a wonderful blog. She had posted this fun Mill Hill kit as a giveaway. So not only was he fun to stitch but free to me. Thank you very much Annette! I really loved stitching him up.

Also yesterday was TUSAL so here is my picture for that. I love picking what gets to be surrounding my ORTs each time. My jar looks fantastic with all this gorgeous floss piling up.

Hope everyone has a great week. We want it to go fast so we can have fun at our first camping trip of the year.


  1. Congrats on the finish Katie. It turned out great.


  2. What a great post, Katie! Congrats on your new trailer. It looks great! Have fun camping. Super job finishing the ornament this weekend! Your TUSAL pic is wonderful. I'll have to think of a clever setting for mine, too!

  3. The snowman looks great! I love Mill Hill kits! That's an awesome trailer. We'll have to think about something like that forus!

  4. Katie, the snowman is such a cute finish!!! :D

  5. Super cute snowman. Great finish.

  6. Congrats on the finish and the new trailer. Enjoy your camping trip.


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