Apr 20, 2012

April IHSW

Here is my new start for the April IHSW that is this weekend. IHSW stands for International Hermit Stitch Weekend. Here is the website for the details and other IHSWers.

I'm not going to have a very successful IHSW this time because we have several things planned this weekend but I'm going to try. The pattern on the right is a Mill Hill Kit called Folk Heart Snow Charmer. I love doing the Mill Hill kits so I know this one will be fun. I already have the stuff ready so after I catch up with my computer stuff I will get busy and curl up with my DVR. Today is my only good stitching day this weekend. Good luck to the other IHSWers.


  1. enjoy your stitching time. I can in stitch mode this evening and hope to have a lot of stitching time:-) The mill hill kit looks very cute!

  2. I can't wait to see your progress. I always think those Mill Hill kits are cute, but I've never stitched one! they're the ones done on ...I think it's called perferated paper, right? with beads and all? You'll have to take pics during your progress so I can see how it goes!

  3. Love the snowman Katie. I have alot of the Mill Hill kits but have not done any of them.


  4. I look forward to seeing this finish! Enjoy your weekend!
    Happy stitching

  5. Love the snowman!! So cute!! Good luck with finding some good quality stitching time during IHSW! Hope you have a great stitchy weekend!

  6. Have a great weekend with your snowman ornament!


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