Apr 16, 2012

Fun Finish

I love Halloween but I also LOVE the saying on this one. Unfortunately I don't get along with my MIL so this was just too funny when I saw it. I needed a break from my rotation of projects and remembered this piece I had in my stash that just had to be stitched.

In case you would like to know the designer is Angel Stitchin and the pattern is called Be a Witch.

It's been a weird trip since Easter. On Easter after we got home from my mom's mom's house we received not one but two bad phone calls. My mother's aunt was taken into the hospital for a urinary infection. Ended up with heart failure and double pneumonia. She made the decision on Easter to not continue medical care. She has been in very bad health for the past 7 years with Parkinson's along with other issues. So the waiting for her to pass has been very hard on my Grandmother and my mom. Then a geocaching friend lost their 9 year old daughter in a horrible accident. She was mentally handicapped and fell into their backyard pool. It's so sad to lose a life that young. She would have turned 10 a few days before her funeral. Those two things are enough to make anyone want to grab a hold of life and scream.Then another friend is having a lot of crap going on. No way else to explain it. Just mental draining crap that no one needs.

A lot of people I've talked to seem to be having some kind of issue so I literally keep saying What in the world is wrong? I swear the world is off center or something. I'm making sure to tell my loved ones I love them cause unfortunately you never know when it's too late.

Over the weekend we finally got time to go visit with my dad. We've all been so busy we just kept missing one another. We had a fantastic time and definitely needed the visit. I missed a get together with my girl friends but sometimes family just has to come first.

Well that explains where I've been in the time since Easter. Hopefully things will settle down and be good things instead of bad for awhile. We all need it.


  1. Hi Katie. I love the halloween piece you stitched. I do, for the most part, get along with my MIL, but that piece is just too cute. I hope things get better for you real soon.


  2. Katie

    I hope the waitfro the aunt is not too long. After kidney failure and hospice, it still took my mom 3 weeks to go. Still gets to me since it was just last year.

    LOVE the pattern - my MIL hates meand the feeling is somewhat mutal anymore. I've given up trying to be nice.

    Hang in there!


  3. Your finish is adorable, LOL.

    Sorry about all the bad "stuff" going on.

  4. Your Halloween piece is adorable! :) Luckily, I got along wonderfully with my MIL (she's since passed) :(

    Sorry to hear all the bad news going around for you...hopefully things are in the upswing now!

  5. I hope everything does settle down for you, sending you good thoughts. I really like the MIL piece, very funny.

  6. Love your H'ween saying.

    Sorry about your Aunt and friends,hope things look up for you soon.

  7. "Be a Witch" is so cute (and appropriate). I'm sorry to read about the tragedy of your geocaching friend's family. The world seems a bit off-center in my life too. I hope everything gets back to normal soon!

  8. Hi Katie

    I love your finish! I'm lucky that i get along with my MIL.
    So sorry to hear about your Mom's aunt and your friends daughter. I hope things settle for you soon.
    You are right about letting our loved one's Know we love them.
    Glad you enjoyed your visit to your Dad's.

  9. Congrats on the Halloween finish. :D It's too cute.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grand-aunt and your friend's daughter. :(


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