Apr 6, 2012

April WIPocalypse

Here is a look back on my March WIPocalypse. This month I have been having a lot of no stitching days. My busy season is starting. I always joke once we get to April I blink and it's November. I love this time of year cause we have a lot of things planned to look forward to. This does translate into not as much stitching time. I also have been having some days where I just didn't feel like stitching. No Mojo is what I call it. But here are my WIP from my Goal list. Again I go down my goal list from the goal tab and talk about which ones I've worked on in this time.

I started this piece for the March IHSW. I loved working on it. I put it down to work on some other pieces though. Love those colors in the dragon.

  • House SAL in ESC (Karen's Designs One Each Month)
I just finished April a few moments ago. So I have 4 of the 12 months finished now. I gotta say I LOVE this month's design. Karen is making these so much fun and I love picking the colors for each one. I also finished March in the time since the last WIPocalypse. The picture is just a few entries down so I won't repost.

  • Spring by The Cricket Collection
I've made some progress on this piece during this month. Love the delicate colors for this one.

I've been concentrating on this one a lot this month. I've made a lot of progress but now it started crawling so that meant I needed a break.

That's everything I've worked on since the last WIPocalypse. Hope everyone got a lot done and Good luck till the next one.


  1. oh I like the Diane Arthurs piece! such lovely summercolors. congrats on the progress.

  2. Great progress. I love Another Day in Paradise! The colors are wonderful, and it makes me want to throw on a bathing suit and head to the shore!

  3. You're making great progress! I love Spring and Another Day in Paradise. Very bright and colorful, just like the tie-dye background of your blog!

  4. All of your projects look great, Katie!

  5. Warm weather months do seem to go by too quickly. Lovely stitching!

  6. Great progress Katie. I love Another Day in Paradise. I started that one this year in the crazy challenge. Makes me want to work it. I love Diane Arthurs - she is my favorite designer.


  7. Wow! Impressive lot of work you've done since your last update!!

  8. A pretty bunch of springy things. Nice work.


  9. Your stitching is so beautiful. Love your WiPs especially Spring. The colours are so soft and pretty.


  10. You did lots, i love the last one, i real nice splash of colors.

    Hugs Yvon.


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