Apr 3, 2012

Shop Till You Drop or get a blister...

So today mom, Jeremiah, and me headed out to shop. We wanted to go to Kmart and to the bookstore. Now we live in a pretty big town in Indiana (for those who don't know me well). We drive 45 minutes away to a small town (Huntington for those who know Indiana) to go to a nice Kmart. Why Kmart you may ask. You know when you've shopped at a store long enough you pretty much own everything they have haha. Kmart has totally different clothes for Jeremiah that's for sure. We found some totally cute outfits for Jeremiah. Also grabbed new shoes for both of us and some other odd and ends. After the shock at the cash register (haha) we hit the road again to head back to Fort Wayne.

We have an outdoor mall that's nice and the weather was beautiful. So we headed there for Barnes and Noble. We had a quick lunch at the food court. Now the food court is a typical mall food court. But....there was only one restaurant haha not a lot of options there haha. Jeremiah happily pointed out that the Game Stop (game store that sells Xbox games and what nots) was nearby. It was a long walk but again the weather was beautiful. Jeremiah found a few things he would die without of course haha and we headed back to the book store (a million miles away....or at least felt like it!). We like shopping at Half Price Bookstore cause the prices but there is those new books you just can't get there. So I had a list of several books I was hoping to find. Found all but one. That's not bad. One set I got is from an author Keri Smith. She writes these books that you are meant to do things with. Here is a link to see one of the books and pictures of what some people have done. It's amazing to look through the pictures.

Now with my MAJOR perfectionism I am SO careful with books. I never crease the binding and never let anything happen to my books. This will be such a fun experiment. Jeremiah is totally confused why you would pay for a book to destroy but I told him hopefully it will teach me to loosen up and not be such a perfectionist all the time. Would you be able to Wreck this Journal??

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  1. I have never seen the "Wreck this Journal" series....how neat. What a fun project to do. I may have to find these for Lindsay.


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