May 14, 2012

Close to Finished

I am so close to a finish on the Another Day in Paradise piece. I'm making this for my mom. She has decided she likes it better with the words left off and I have to agree. So I will really be finished soon. I just LOVE these bright colors.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and also my birthday. We did exactly what I wanted to do relax, watch a lot of DVR things, and I got to stitch. It was a perfect day. My family spoiled me rotten. Fred made a delicious steak kabob meal on the grill and it was perfect. I'm so lucky to have my wonderful family. Plus I got a million at least Happy Birthday messages on facebook haha.

Well we have a busy week ahead so today I need to get a lot of laundry done. But in between loading and unloading hopefully I can find time to stitch in there. Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. This is so nice and colorful! Is this an Imaginating Chart?

    Glad you had a nice MD; sorry you have so much laundry! LOL........

    Love ya,

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Your stitching looks fantastic! I love the bright colors too!

  3. Another Day is just so cute. I've enjoyed watching you bring it to life. :)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Katie. I'm glad you had a wonderful day. Steak Kebobs... Yummo!

  4. Happy belated birthday. Glad you enjoyed it. The stitching piece looks wonderful. It has the word 'summer' written all over it:-)

  5. I love it Katie. I think when my hands heal I'm going to dig it out.



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