May 16, 2012

Paradise Complete

It's complete. I finally put the last backstitching in last night. I can't say enough how much I loved stitching this design. Thanks to this I've fallen in love with Diane Arthurs and have added several of her pieces to my wishlist. I love how bright this was and so easy to follow the chart. She did an excellent job designing this piece. I really enjoyed every stitch. This is my 12th finish already for this year.

Yesterday we finally made it to Shipshewana. For those who don't know Shipshewana is a very large outdoor flea market in northern Indiana. My mom was a vendor there for a long time but recently gave it up to take care of my Grandma Faust. Anyway it opens the beginning of May and poor Jeremiah was sick so we missed. We had the perfect weather day for it. Mom, Jeremiah, and I really enjoyed ourselves. When my great grandparents passed away my dad's family was kind enough to give us one of their power wheelchairs. Yesterday was the first time we took it any where. Only negative is how much it weighs. We don't have a ramp for it yet so unloading and loading is extremely difficult. I had to ask a guy passing by to help. Luckily enough he helped me out. Jeremiah loved the independence of being able to go wherever he wanted. His normal wheelchair doesn't work there cause it's loose gravel so it was wonderful.

Today is my Grandma Faust's 89th birthday. So we headed down to visit with her. I love hearing her stories. I can't imagine the life she has saw in those many many years. It's such an education to just listen to her talk. She is healthy and happy right now so I hope we have many years to come with her. I love her dearly. I only have her and my Dad's mom and dad left.


  1. I love the little sandcastle! This is a very fun design.

  2. Katie--Love your finish...really is cute! Glad you had fun @ Shipshewana too. Enjoy your Grandma every chance you get, and write her stories down for Jeremiah. You'll be glad you did! =)Pam

  3. gorgeous finish Katie! Love it..
    so glad you have the power chair for J...I am sure that is a huge help for him....the independance!
    We did Shipshewana the bulk food store...
    enjoy your grandma...mine have been gone for years & I miss them!

  4. What a lovely piece you've got here, that really is fun, happy, and colorful. There's nothing as pleasurable as a cross-stitch project that you're really enjoying from start to finish. I happened upon your blog from a link at Debbie's. I am so glad I found you, love your projects.

  5. Congrats on the finish Katie. I love it. I also love Diane Arthurs and have over 500 of her designs. They are so fun and bright and no quarter stitches. Yippee!!


  6. Congrats on the finish! It looks fabulous!


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