May 17, 2012


This weekend is the 3rd Weekend of the Month which means one thing.....IHSW or International Hermit Stitch Weekend. This is the perfect excuse we need to just sit down and stitch. We have some other plans this weekend including tomorrow going to garage sales and Saturday planting our tomato garden. So I'm starting my IHSW today!
I'm starting this piece. This is my 3rd in this set of 5 for my mom. I already finished the Lobster and Seahorse. I have this crab, a sand dollar, and a starfish left to finish.

 The color I'm using is a Sampler Thread from The Gentle Art called Peacock. The one I'm  using is a more variegated blue than this picture on the left.

Good luck to all the IHSWers out there. I hope you find a lot of time to stitch on whatever you wish to stitch on. See ya Monday with my update.


  1. I love these designs, and this one is no exception. Are you stitching it in this colour or changing it? What a beautiful set your mom will have...well done!

  2. That is going to be lovely, I am hoping to participate and do a bit of stitching for IHSW this time around.

  3. Have a wonderful stitchy weekend! The peacock blue will be a great color. The set of 5 sounds fantastic!

  4. I think the peacock blue will look great for Mr. Crab. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I love that crab chart, it's the sign for Cancer and stitched with the blue you are showing it will look like a fresh Maryland Blue crab, I love it. Good luck this IHSW.


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