May 18, 2012

Garage Sale Shopping

We got up this morning and headed out garage sale shopping. This is what followed us home. Jeremiah had just saw one of these Star Wars Toys at Walmart. They were $17.99 at Walmart. Today at the garage sale they were $8 each. The two items on the lower right are Franklin Mint Dragons. I have 6 in my collection. They go for about $40 on ebay right now. I got these for $2 each!!! The frame was $.50 and is a nice size for a future stitched piece. The dinosaurs were $.50 a box and I can give them away in geocaches as trinkets for kids to find. The things all over on the lower left are little action figures meant for role playing. Jeremiah LOVES these cause they stand on the carpet. I was prepared to pay whatever asked for cause of how much he loves them....they were $1 for the whole bag!! I couldn't believe it. So we had a great time and got a lot of great deals.

On the right is a photo of an exchange I got in the mail today. We did a wishlist exchange. This is what my partner sent me.....Let's see off my wishlist is this perfect pattern called Always Thankful  I hate the colors they used for the model but LOVE the saying. Kathy also sent me two packages of needles (how perfect I can always use them!), a GORGEOUS piece of fabric called confetti (It's bright and just so ME!), several fun freebies, a wonderful card with a poem that made me giggle, April Snowmen of the Month (Love it!), and an adorable Snowman Bookmark pattern. I was spoiled rotten. Thank you Kathy!!!!

I did get some crab stitched yesterday. Now I get to relax and do more of him tonite. Tomorrow we are going to go tomato plant shopping and get our garden planted. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. I just love all the great finds you got at the garage sale!! You can definitely find good stuff when you go, you just have to look look look!
    Beautiful items in your exchange! how do you keep up with stuff like that AND stitch!?
    Have a great weekend, Katie!

  2. Great garage sale deals! Geocaching sounds like so much fun. I really need to learn more about it and see if there is anything going on here in California.

  3. Hello

    Great bargains at the garage sale!

    Your exchange present is lovely!

  4. Isn't it funny how stuff just seems to follow us home? lol Great finds.

    Nice exchange!


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