Jun 14, 2012

Round Robin

I finished stitching on a Round Robin today. In case you haven't heard of this term here is a link to try to explain it better. Basically you divide a cross stitching piece into multiple parts and mail it to friends to stitch on. At the end you received the piece back with several pieces finished. I picked Halloween for mine so at the end I will have 9 Halloween ornaments when I receive it back.

I received Kathy's RR first to work on. Here is what the finished piece will look like...

I did the bottom middle square. Here is how it turned out...

It was a fun quick stitch. We mail the beginning of each month so I'll get the next one in July.

By the way this weekend is IHSW so get those needles ready to stitch the weekend away.


  1. I'd love to RR all my WIPs out in trade for cookies! :)
    Your work on the bottom square looks beautiful!

  2. Oooh, what a lovely idea and your work looks great!


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