Jun 13, 2012

Too Much Fun

Sometimes you have such a great time with such great friends it's impossible to explain to others. This past weekend there was a Geocaching Event called Are You Geocacher Enough? A few friends had attended it last year and said it was a fun time so we decided to go this year. It was in Roscommon, MI which is almost 5 hours north of us. Fred took Friday off work and we headed up. From then till Sunday it was non stop fun. Even with a few major problems it couldn't stop our good time.

Here is our new tent all setup. It was our first time using this one and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. It rained hard several times and only 4 drops got in the tent from a lower vent we think which is totally acceptable.

I have never went off road driving before in my life. This area and this event was meant for exactly that. So Friday evening a few of us hit the trails and I got to experience playing in the mud for my first time. We had several hours of fun and then...

This is my friend's Jeep and he had so much fun getting it stuck for it's first time. He's normally able to get it right out but this time it was STUCK and not just stuck haha. We made a quick phone call and the guy in charge of the event came to our rescue but we couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. Here is the morning after shot and this is even after some rain during the night...

In this picture it's my husband Fred, Daryl (owner of the Jeep), me, and my BFF Amber. Everyone loved the mud on the jeep and knew it was a sign of the fun we had had. Saturday we had 11 people in our group and we hit the trails hard. I don't even know yet how many caches we found. We've been so tired and so busy doing some other stuff we haven't sat down to do that part yet. But the most important part is we had a blast! We got back to camp at about 1am. Finally crawled into bed at 2am. I was TIRED! Friday night we stayed up and giggled a lot. Saturday night all we heard was snoring haha.

Sunday a few got up and hit the trails again but we decided to get the stuff tore down and get ready for the long ride home. One bad thing about this campground was no shower so I was a special kind of stinky and couldn't wait for a shower. We hit the road home at about 2pm and the Nuvi said expect to be home 6:30pm.

4:30pm I heard Fred said Uh Oh. Which is never a good sign. Yep for the 3rd time since Christmas the truck broke down on the way home. This time it was the water pump. I got on the phone to locate friends and 2 groups were still behind us. Amber got on the phone to coordinate Tim showing up where we were. The other group showed up to coordinate running to the local store to get some parts. Tim showed up and he had all the tools we needed. We got moved to a safer location than along side the road and settled in for the repair. It took longer than it was supposed to but the fix was made and at 9pm we finally hit the road again. We made it home at midnight took showers and quickly passed out.

What I learned. Thank you is not a big enough word to express how much I appreciate the help my friends gave us. Friends is not a big enough word to describe the people I have in my life. There are no words in the English language to describe what I want to say. I swear I am the luckiest person alive!!!!!!


  1. Wow!! Except for the ride home, looks like you guys had a GRAND time!

  2. "Special kind of stinky" LOL I love that phrase! I'm glad you had a great time, Katie, despite the truck breakdown. Yep, those are special friends you have.

  3. I agree with Meari! "Special kind of stinky" LOL! You certainly do have great friends. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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