Aug 31, 2012

2nd August WIPocalypse

Today is the 2nd full moon in August which means a WIPocalypse update.

So close to finished with this one.

These 2 above pieces are blocks I stitched for Round Robins. 

I also started a new HAED for the August IHSW. This is Hold on to Hope. I love working on her and just can't seem to put her down. I'm almost finished with the first page. Here is where she stands as of this morning.

Hope everyone had a successful WIPocalypse. With being as busy as I've been this month I'm happy with my progress. Now back to stitching.


  1. Lovely progress! I love Hold On To Hope, so much in fact that I stitched it myself a while back, if you need some inspiration the finish is on my blog!

  2. You did quite a lot and they are so different.

    Happy stitching,

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. Great stitching and progress on all your pieces Katie. I love all the Tribal ones I see around blogland. Love the color your using in this one.


  4. Great progress, Katie! You are really flying along on the HAED design. The tribal sand dollar looks great!

  5. Great progress, Katie! I love the Tribal Sand Dollar - I am really going to have to do some of these chart. You enabler, you - LOL!

    See you in a little over a month!

  6. Everything looks great, Katie. :D


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