Aug 30, 2012


I saw this on a friend's blog. I would cry so hard if HAED really closed. These are my favorite patterns and favorite designs. Please help out if you can.


HAED Appreciation Week

I found out that the amazing Heaven and Earth Designs is very close to having to shut down due to lack of sales due to copyright infringement.

I know that there are so many of us stitcher's who are fans of HAED and we would all be devastated if they had to close down!  Because we don't want them to close an event has been created on Facebook called the

During the week of September 10th thru the 14th we are asking everyone to support HAED by making a purchase!  Doesn't have to be big...anything will do! ;) Isn't there a chart on your wish list that you would love to purchase?  Maybe you would like to surprise someone with a RAK?

Here is a link to the FaceBook event - which is public, so I believe you can just join in!

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