Aug 7, 2012

Another Round Robin Piece

I finished another round robin piece. This piece is from Prairie Schooler called A Prairie Year. Here is what the leaflet shows as the complete picture...

I did the rabbit block...

Here is the whole RR right now....

It was a fun stitch and I'm happy it's finished early not like the last one which I was late finishing.


  1. What a terrific round robin and your block is great!

  2. what a cute piece. Great job on it.

  3. How nice to be in a RR and get done early! Good for you! Great stitching, Katie!

  4. Hi Katie. I have been trying to catch up on blog reading after being in the hospital last week. I love all your stitched pieces on all of your recent updates. I really like this RR piece. What is your piece?


  5. Nice job on the RR, Katie


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