Aug 9, 2012


One of the great things about the internet is the ability to make friends you wouldn't have met otherwise. My love of HAED charts lead me to the blog of Lesli. We have became blog followers and enjoy sharing our love of HAED with each other. I was reading my email and saw I received a HAED RAK. She sent me a chart that has been on my wish list for a long long time.

When I saw this pattern I had to put it on my list. For those who know about my son's disability they know he gets around on his knees. I was drawn to the pattern cause she's on her knees and holding on to the word Hope. We always hold onto hope that one day Jeremiah will be able to walk. Plus I love dragonflies and I swear this just makes this a perfect chart for me. Now I have no reason not to start it. Lesli Thank you for your kindness. I greatly appreciate it!!!! I'm going to kit it up and start is on the 17th for the August IHSW.


  1. How nice of Lesli! What a wonderful chart. It sounds like it was custom made just for you!

  2. Nice one Lesli, it's a beautiful chart which is made special to you by the circumstances.

    I've stitched this one myself and you'll love it I'm sure. If you want to see my finished piece for some inspiration then it's on my blog here.....

  3. You are very welcome, dear! This is a beautiful chart and I can't wait for you to start it! for your son :)

  4. Very cute design. Congrats on the RAK!


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