Oct 12, 2012

On the Road Again

It's vacation time. Next week is the PALs Myrtle Beach, SC stitching retreat. We made it a vacation last year and loved every minute so we made it a vacation again this year. This morning we hit the road. We wanted to take our time getting there. We really realized how long it takes to travel through Ohio haha. We made it to Ripley, WV. The first place we stopped didn't have any hotel rooms so we drove 30 more minutes and ended up here. Actually the hotel and area is a lot nicer so we were glad. We had no problems at all today which is always a great way to travel.

We got our hotel room and noticed the empty swimming pool so we jumped in. It felt great! The hot tub was even better though haha. Now we are resting and going to hit the road again tomorrow. 


  1. Have a great time, Katie!! :D

  2. Have a great time at Pals Katie!

  3. I am so jealous! One day I'll attend a stitching retreat! Have fun!

  4. Jumping into an empty swimming pool sounds dangerous! I hope there was water in there. LOL


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