Oct 1, 2012

Sept WIPocalypse

It's WIPocalypse time.....well it was over the weekend but I was camping so here's my update finally.

Here's where I was at the last WIPocalypse...

Here she is now...

I just can't put her down.
  • PALs Exchange pieces (Wasn't on my WIPocalypse list but I completed them) 

  • Round Robin piece for ESC (Another item not on my actual list)
This is for my friend Beryl. It was a seasonal design from a magazine. I love how it turned out.


  1. Everything looks great! You made great progress on Hope

  2. Hope is looking great! Love your other stitching too.

  3. All projects are lovely :D And it's obvious why you can't put Hope down... she's stunning :D

  4. Fantastic progress on Hope!

  5. Wow, girl! Tons of progress in your update! Hope is moving along so quickly!

  6. Great progress! I love your exchange pieces. Wish I were going to Pals this year. Sigh.

  7. Katie, you've been busy!! Everything looks great. :D

  8. Everything looks great, Katie!


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