Jan 15, 2013

Dog's Love WIP and New Piece

I've been working on this new kit I bought. You can see it down a few posts. It's really moving along quickly. I'm hoping to find a cute frame with a dog theme. I know I've saw them before and always thought I should do something with one. Now's my chance.

The internet is such an amazing thing. I've been online forever it seems and when I found cross stitching groups on yahoo I instantly made friends for life with some people. One of those ladies is Elaine. We just seemed to get along. We were in a few yahoo groups together and then we wouldn't talk for a long time and then somehow we would find another group and be in it together again. She started her blog the same year I started mine (2007) and it's just funny she's just always there. Well since Facebook we have been able to get even closer which I'm really thankful for.

So anyway I was browsing 123stitch to add things to my wish list and saw a new pattern. I added it to my wish list thinking sometime it would be a fun thing to stitch up. Next thing I know Elaine is posting to FB how she much she likes the pattern. So I suggested we do it together as a SAL (Stitch Along). We will pick a day of the week and work on it that day. So now we are both looking forward to stitching this fun pattern.


  1. I'm sure you'll find a great frame for your doggie design! How fun to have a SAL day with a stitchy friend! You picked a wonderful chart!

  2. Oh how funny Katie. I have that chart in my cart to buy. Great progress on the doggie design.


  3. You're so sweet Katie! I'm so glad we became friends and it must be fate that we stay friends since we kept finding each other. :) Looking forward to starting on Paradise! I didn't know you had seen it and thought about stitching it before I posted it! How funny! I guess great minds really do think alike. :D


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