Jan 12, 2013

Hope Update

Yesterday I finished page 3 of HAED Hold on to Hope. This completes the top row. I have 6 pages to go until it's finished. According to my count this is 36 days worth of work so far. Love those dragonflies!

I found 2 more HAEDs that I want to buy. I think I will make myself finish this one first though. The worst part of going to the website is seeing all the other ones that you would like to stitch and she just keeps putting new beautiful pieces out.

Now I'm having a hard time picking out what I want to work on for the next few days. Too many things I want to stitch!!!


  1. 36 days of relaxation and happiness! Hope looks great, I love the colors.

  2. Wow Katie. Hope is looking great. I love the colors. And a HAED thats not solid stitching. Yeah!!


    PS Thanks Katie. I got the charts and they are great.

  3. Great progress! The dragonfly wings look so real!

  4. This is going to be such a cute piece! It looks great so far. I love the dragonflies. I wish I could make the progress you do on my HAEDs. Mine has so much background to get through before getting to the pic! Lol I did get some of the skull on the flag on Shiver Meow Timbers done but then had to put it down for Monopoly. Hopefully I'll be back to both of them soon.

  5. Hope is looking great Katie!

    I understand what you mean about the HAED website - seems my wish list there grows longer by the week!


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