Jan 7, 2013

Getting More Done & Shopping

Today I decided to keep the ball rolling of getting rid of junk and doing stuff I knew needed done. My poor file cabinet was FULL of old junk and there was hardly any room for the new pile of stuff that needed filed. So out with the old. I FILLED a trash bag. Then I started on my computer desk drawers. I'm one of those type of people that just throws everything in the drawer. At least it's out of sight. Well when you can't open the drawers without stuff falling out it's time to go through it. FILLED another bag of trash!! See there was a bunch of stuff I evidently didn't need.

I also cleaned the guinea pig cage out and unloaded the dish washer. I'm doing great sticking to my plan of not putting stuff off this year. Then when all that boring junk was finished I went shopping. I exchanged some old patterns with an online friend. She sent me a $25 GC for 123stitch one of my fav online shops. I picked out two new patterns that just screamed buy me...
I can't wait to receive them. I will use the Christmas ornaments for my Ornament SAL I think and the dog piece is just so me haha.


  1. You picked out two great kits Katie. I love the ornies. Need to look thru my stuff and see if I have those.


  2. When I clean off my desk, I sweep everything into a box to sort through later. I have many boxes that look like your little pile. But that can wait. It's cross-stitching time!

    Your new purchases are so cute! You have great taste.

  3. Well done for getting sorted with all the clutter....something that i'm working on too! Love your new charts especially the Christmas ones....such lovely bright colours. Enjoy!

  4. Wow...you have WAY more energy than me!I have a few places that I need to do that too. Someday. I keep telling myself if I do it a little at a time it won't be so bad. But then never get around to it. My kitchen cabinets need it bad!
    I love the new charts you picked! Especially the ornaments. Let me know if you want to get rid of the chart after you're done with it. :)


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