Jan 5, 2013

2nd Finish

Well it was a quick stitch that's for sure. Started and finished yesterday. Here are the details...

Pumpkin Buddy from 2012 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue. Page 37. I used perforated paper, DMC, and beads. I decided to leave off the legs and arms that the actual pattern called for.

So this means I finished my SALs for this month. Wohoo! Only 11 more months to go haha.

Other than stitching we had something weird happen. One of our toilet seats was getting really worn and cracking. So of course we decided to get a new one. Guess what....they don't make that kind of seat anymore. So now what?!? Yep a whole new toilet for crying out loud. How ridiculous. This time we made sure to get a toilet you can buy a lid for. We've joked about well at least I have a clean toilet now haha. I HATE cleaning the toilet. So next time your toilet gets dirty just go buy a new one haha.


  1. Katie they don't makeours either so we just keep hoping nothing happens to the seat I don't want a new toilet I hate spending money on those kind of things now a new purse Yes!!!

  2. What a cute ornament Katie. Its sad, you almost have to buy the extra parts now, because they won't be around when you need them.


  3. That's odd you couldn't find a toilet seat. Did you try a plumber's supply store? I only ask because it happened to me once that I couldn't find a toilet seat.

    Congrats on your little pumpkin finish!

  4. How great that you have your Christmas and Halloween ornies already finished for this month! I'm only in the 2013 Ornament SAL to do one each month, doesn't matter which holiday.


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