Sep 4, 2013

Day # 10

Guess what I did today? Yep laundry. Like I said in yesterday's blog post the laundry here is free. Of course after 10 days of traveling I had a load full. Free is a great price.

We have fallen in love with Staybridge. Other than yesterday's lunch we haven't paid to eat. The breakfast was delicious and we brought enough upstairs with us we didn't have to go out for lunch. Then tonite they had a manager's special. Hot dogs and raw vegetables. Last night was this chicken pizza that was really good too. I've already mapped out another Staybridge hotel for while we are in Anaheim on this trip. They impressed us. Today we relaxed. We brought Forrest Gump on DVD with us. Since we are going to the Bubba Gump restaurant we wanted Jeremiah to watch the movie. He really enjoyed it. Now we can pass the trivia questions.

Tomorrow we head west again. For our final time. We spent some time today scheduling out the rest of our trip. It's so important to make sure we leave time for everything we want to do. We think we have it figured out. Got our hotels booked till after we leave Las Vegas on the 25th. Wow I just can't imagine what all we will do between now and then. The traveling has been fun but the real amazing stuff starts tomorrow when that gorgeous ocean water is out our window. Can't wait!!!

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