Sep 5, 2013

Day # 11

We made it to the ocean today! It was a hard drive. Sacramento had a lot of traffic. But we survived. Mom did fantastic. Luckily the Nuvi lead us right to where we needed to be.

The hotel we are staying in is right on the ocean. That gorgeous ocean is right out our window. When we got here it was late afternoon so we enjoyed the view for a few minutes and then wandered off to eat. Everything is within walking distance. That's so nice. No loading up and having to find parking. We had a fantastic meal and then headed back to unload our luggage. After staring at the view awhile longer we decided to walk the other direction. There is a long pier area where a lot of boats are docked. It's FULL of sea lions and I just LOVE sea lions. So we walked down to there to see literally hundreds and hundreds of them. Some of them were within arms reach so it was really really hard not to reach out and put them in my pocket. Of course some of them were HUGE and probably wouldn't have fit in my pocket haha. We also saw a starfish, white Egret, and a few jellyfish. It was wonderful. In my excitement of seeing that gorgeous ocean I totally forgot my camera but we will be here for the next several days so I know I'll be back down that way again. Now if I can just get over the shock of being here so I can operate the camera again haha.

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  1. So glad you all made it safe and sound, can't wait to see more pictures.


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