Sep 6, 2013

Day # 12

Hey guess what I figured out how to use my camera again haha. Here is a picture I grabbed of our hotel...
Our room is on the right side right on the water. Love it!!! So today we walked 5 miles haha. It felt like it. I don't know how far it technically is. We walked down this morning to one side to eat breakfast. It was delicious. Then we checked out the whale watching tour boats and booked a trip for tomorrow. Can't wait!!! I've never saw any type of whale in the wild. I'm so excited. We also finally did some shopping. I found several t-shirts. Jeremiah and Mom found some too. So it was a successful vacation finally haha.

We walked the other way then to eat lunch after a stop over at the hotel. The hotel is perfect located in the middle of the two areas you walk to so that's so nice. For lunch we went to...
That's why we watched Forrest Gump the other day haha. Jeremiah had a really great time. The food was fantastic. We all got shirts to wear of course. Jeremiah's say My Mama Says I'm Special. Love it! Then after another stop over at the room we walked back the other way (See why I said 5 miles!!!). They were having an Italian Festival. They had a lot of tents setup and a band. The band was really good and then we noticed they were kids!! I mean in their teens. They were amazing for being that young. The tents had a lot of Italian food and some were selling things. It was fun. We decided to eat at the pier instead and unfortunately our meal was horrible. Hey it's day 12 and everything has been good so it was bound to happen right? Now we are back at the room. Ouch my feet are mad at me. Tomorrow it's a whale watching boat. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share!!!

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