Sep 15, 2013

Day # 20

Today we went to Knott's Berry Farms. Our hotel has a shuttle that goes to the theme parks. Which is fantastic. No driving! LOL We got there and walked walked walked. We had a fantastic time. We aren't roller coaster riders so we just stared in amazement at those rides. We did really enjoy the train ride. The shows were the best. We saw a stunt show that was fantastic. Jeremiah really enjoyed a lady singing in a western themed show. There was also an Indian that did a breath taking show and speech. Mom was happy she found some snoopy stuff. She LOVES snoopy. We also ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's again. Jeremiah said he's a Johnny Rocket bouncer cause he's been to 3 different ones now haha. We just now got back to our room. So again no pictures. I found this nice picture online that gets to be my pretend picture haha. My poor little feet are screaming but what a great day!

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