Sep 14, 2013

Day # 19

This morning we woke up in Santa Monica. We made the decision to head on to Venice beach instead of doing anything at Santa Monica. We wanted to get to our hotel in Anaheim before the traffic got too much worse which of course was a lost cause haha.
This is definitely how you know you are at Venice Beach haha. Jeremiah couldn't believe it. Plus how colorful the locals are haha. We sat down in the shade on a bench and two guys beside us were smoking pot. We quickly moved away of course. Plus how the women tend to lack clothing haha. Of course Jeremiah didn't mind that part being a teenage boy haha. He said the culture shock would take awhile to wear off haha.

The trip to our hotel in Anaheim was crazy of course. Mostly parking lot and not so much driving though. We made it. I can't stress enough how much I love our Garmin Nuvi. Put in the address and she gets you right there!!! We decided to order in and just relax for the evening. We looked at pamphlets and tried to plan what we are going to do when. Way too much to do haha. Looks like we might not have to drive to get the places we want though so that's a HUGE positive.

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  1. Love your blog post today! Hahaha! I was in Huntington Beach on Saturday when you were in Venice. Did you see me wave? LOL


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