Sep 13, 2013

Day # 18

I really didn't want to leave but we loaded up and hit the road. We decided to take 1 which is very scenic and boy did it live up to it's scenic definition. We did get to see 2 lighthouses though. Big Sur and another one that I forget the name. We also saw a stop that said they had elephant seals. I've never saw them in the wild. When we walked over there I was shocked. It was a whole beach full of elephant seals. Wow! I haven't loaded my pictures from today but here is another picture I found to show you what they look like...
They are rather ugly haha. But it was still an amazing sight to see in person in the wild. When we got back on the road and went a little bit we noticed a bunch of cars pulled over. We were wondering why. Then we saw the field was full of ZEBRA! No wonder people were pulling over. Cows....Seen. Horses.....Seen. Zebra....???? LOL We laughed and said well no one will believe us about that haha.

When we got closer to Santa Monica we remembered it was a part of L.A. Yep parking lot instead of highway. Our 20miles took at least 2 hours. No accident. Just that many people on the road at the same time. Insane. We finally got to our hotel at about 6pm. What a crazy day. Then we found out the pier is having a band tonight and 20,000 people are expected at least. The police said it was be safer not to go over there especially with Jeremiah. So here we are in the hotel. Crazy! Just looking out the window is fun though. Never know what you will see. Hopefully we can walk over there tomorrow. We also want to go to Venice Beach. Then our next hotel is in Anaheim. Hopefully we can get there safe and without so much craziness haha.

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