Sep 11, 2013

Day # 17

Here are 2 pictures I wanted to share from yesterday...
Love those adorable Sea Lions. The bottom picture is of Mom and Jeremiah on the bus tour we took. It was a great time. Here is another great picture...
These are Harbor Seals and they lay on rocks and sun themselves. I love watching them. I'm really going to miss walking by these guys every day. Today we went down to eat our favorite breakfast.We've ate there 3 times and the owner recognized us and gave us our table and a discount. Jeremiah has finished his plate all 3 times we've went there so it must be good. I've always liked my food from there that's for sure. After that I came back to the room to rest my feet. Mom, Betty, and Jeremiah headed off to a few more shops. We went down to where the sea lions hang out the most to tell them goodbye. Then we ate our last dinner. We are mostly packed up. Just the last few things to throw in tomorrow then we hit the road. Heading South.

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