Sep 11, 2013

Day # 16

Today was a long day! We left here (Monterey, CA) and headed up 1 to Half Moon Bay. It's beautiful but we had a really hard time finding a place to park to get some pictures. We finally found one place to steal some pictures real fast. Then we went on to San Francisco, CA. The traffic was insane. It was a parking lot instead of moving traffic most of the way in. We finally found the parking garage and headed over to Pier 39. Jeremiah was there when he was 2! The picture I had of the pier in my mind was totally different than what it actually was. What was it actually? PACKED!!! We found out they were having the American Cup boat race. So that meant 5 million more people than a typical tourist trap. Oh my. It was busy. We did visit the sea lions. We ate lunch at what I remembered as a great restaurant. It was the worst food I've ever had in my life. Oh well we've been so lucky this whole trip but still it was bad. Then I was looking for a geocache and I realized there was no way I could grab it in the middle of this huge crowd. We found a double decker bus tour that was 2 hours around the city. There was no way we were going to drive around so it showed us areas we wouldn't have seen and also it told a lot of history about the area.

I got a lot of pictures but since we just got back to the hotel and I'm exhausted I'm going to wait to upload my pictures tomorrow. When we got back to Pier 39 we stopped at a few shops and then were shocked by the time. We hit the road and wanted to get back quickly. Yeah right. It was a parking lot again. So we just got back at about 9pm. Of course no parking at our hotel. So it made for a really long frustrating in parts day. It was still great memories and we saw so much neat stuff. Jeremiah really enjoyed the trip a lot. Tomorrow is our last day in Monterey. I'm going to really miss it here! I really want to find a way to take the sea lions with me.

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