Sep 9, 2013

Day # 15

Today was shopping till we drop day even though we were mostly dropped when we started haha. Our poor feet are really feeling all this walking we've been doing lately. We headed down to the wharf area for a delicious breakfast. Then did some shopping. Finding Christmas presents when the person is with you is really hard haha. But I was quick enough to pull it off. On the way back to our hotel we stopped at my favorite place in the whole world...
I love these guys so much. I could just sit here all day and watch them! We also saw a whole bunch of star fish and jellyfish while over there near the pier. It was amazing. Then we sat down for what felt like 2 seconds and walked again haha. We headed down the opposite direction. We ate at a pizza place that was setup like subway. You picked the toppings and they cooked it really quick. Jeremiah got a first today. He's never been to a wax museum. There was one that told a lot of history on the area. He was a little creeped out but enjoyed it. He kept thinking someone was going to jump out at him like a haunted house. The history was really interesting so I'm glad we did it. We had a quick stop at Ghirardelli to get Hot Fudge Sundaes (YUMMY!). Finally back to the room to sit down. Ouch poor feet. It was yet another great day though.

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