Sep 22, 2013

Day # 27

So just in case you didn't know if you come to Vegas when there is a HUGE I Heart Radio festival it's CRAZY. We walked over to Bally's after a half hour wait for a taxi. In the daylight it wasn't as bad as late last night really. But our poor feet are really protesting. We had a really good breakfast brunch buffet.  Then we found out more about tickets for the monorail. When I was here 12 years ago they didn't have this monorail and I remember saying they really needed one. I think I should get some money for the idea shouldn't I? LOL So we took a ride on it. Then we went down to MGM Grand. That's where the festival is and WOW the people and the outfits and the smell of alcohol!!! Jeremiah really enjoyed the views haha. We found an attraction called CSI Experience. You see a crime and take notes and then do tests and what not to solve the crime. It was a BLAST. We solved the crime and caught the right guy.

After the crime we were walking and a guy asked if we wanted to do a TV show screening. We went into a room and watched a 40 min upcoming tv show. While we were watching it we used a hand held unit to say if we were enjoying it or not. After it was over there was a survey about TV shows which of course we had a lot of information with as addicted as we are to TV. We really enjoyed it. Jeremiah enjoyed it even though he didn't like the TV show. Yet another lawyer show.

Then we headed to the MGM buffet and it was FANTASTIC. Yum! Back on the monorail to The Quad. We went to see a show tonight called Diva's. It was men who dressed up and impersonated famous Diva's. It was amazing!!!! Jeremiah loved it! After the show he even got to meet the main guy Frank Marino. He was a really sweet guy and I guess does a lot for Make a Wish. Well I finally got my blog in. Haven't missed a day yet. Even though it's on Indiana time zone so it will look like it was posted tomorrow haha. Shoot it's 12:24 guess it was posted tomorrow. Hey I haven't went to sleep yet so it's still today haha.

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