Sep 23, 2013

Day # 28

I found this picture. It totally matches what we are all feeling tonight. Ouch!!!!

We got a cab over to Mandalay Bay. We had a fantastic brunch. It was THE BEST! They have a very neat Shark Reef aquarium we went to. It was a really great time. After we were finished up there we grabbed a taxi and told them to drive down the strip so we could see more. We needed to go to the Mirage to buy tickets for Terry Fator. We then got the brilliant idea to walk to a CVS we had seen on the ride there. Um yeah. Only probably 5 miles away. We made it. They didn't even have what we wanted of course. So we couldn't walk any longer. We grabbed another cab and went to Fremont Street (downtown). I wanted Mom and Jeremiah to see the canopy show. We grabbed food at another buffet. We got out just in time to watch the show. The downtown experience was crazy. There was a lot of street performers and a lot of crazy people haha. Mom wasn't too comfortable but I kept showing her the police guarding us. We didn't stick around too long though. Our taxi guy came back and got us and we finally got back to our hotel. My poor feet.

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