Sep 24, 2013

Day # 30

This morning we ran by the Vegas sign. I've been to Vegas twice and never saw the sign. Now with our geocaching hobby I found out the sign counts as a geocache. It's a virtual cache you only have to get your picture at the spot. We parked and we were just planning on running up to grab a quick picture so we walked with Jeremiah up to the spot. We noticed an Elvis was sitting there. You pay them $1 and you can get your picture with him. We had a few dollars in our pocket cause we thought that would make a good picture. As we were walking up he came running over to us. He wanted to meet Jeremiah. He was such a nice guy. He asked where we were from and when we said Indiana he asked if we knew Larry Bird and Tony Dungy. He knew Tony when he was a boy. So that was really neat. He asked if we wanted Elvis to join us in the photo. So we posed and he had his helper take the photos. The guy took several fantastic photos...
This one was my favorite. When he finished I got the dollar out of my pocket and the guy shook his head and said No Way. Jeremiah's my little hero. My favorite dude today. It was so sweet. What a great memory to add to the pile.

After this we hit the road. We went through a tiny bit of Arizona. If you look on the map we were taking 15 to 70. We stopped to grab a geocache in Arizona so now we can add Nevada and Arizona to our states we've found caches in. The ride was gorgeous today but slow...
We made it to Richfield, UT tonight...
We already have tomorrow's hotel booked. It's in Stilt, Colorado. Right on the Colorado River. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow's scenery too.

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