Sep 1, 2013

Day # 7

Back on the road today heading west. There are so many signs that show we aren't home anymore but here is a major sign I'm not used to...
We don't have Rattlesnakes in Indiana. Of course this was right after I found a geocache in a grassy area haha. No rattling noises though. The views are still beautiful. We were really amazed at how different the mountains in Wyoming vs the mountains in Utah. It's just mind blowing that they are that different in states that are so close to each other. We just kept saying Wow looking out the windows of the van. We all 3 keep saying we are loving traveling like this. If you fly in a plane you miss all this gorgeous scenery that's for sure. We made it to our hotel for the night. It's a bad area but our hotel is nice. We are in Salt Lake City, UT...
Just two more states between us and the Pacific ocean. When I look at that map we look a long way from home. We are just making so many memories I think my brain will explode. Tomorrow we are heading west some more.

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  1. You probably should google "Is the Massasauga Rattlesnake found in Indiana" then....especially not around your mom. ;o)


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