Sep 2, 2013

Day # 8

We are at that weird spot where there is nothing for a long long time haha. So we mapped out our trip to far to go to one place to close to go to another. So we picked the to close. Would rather be on the road short than to long and be to tired to drive. Especially when there is NOTING along the road. We did get to see the Salt Lake. I had told Jeremiah about the smell and told him it's a smell you will never forget. When we got closer he said Wow Mom you're right haha.
This is a picture I grabbed of the Salt Lake. When I turned around I saw this gorgeous view of the mountains.
It was sure a beautiful stop even though the smell was overwhelming to say the least. We arrived at Elko, Nevada...
Since we are in Nevada we saw all the casinos. Jeremiah was really amazed at them being everywhere. So we pulled into one to eat lunch. It was a buffet and it was DELICIOUS. Then we got our room for the night. Tomorrow we are heading to Reno. It's storming out now so I'm really glad we stopped when we did.

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