Nov 19, 2013

November WIPocalypse

So Sunday the 17th was a WIPocalypse. I've been so crazy busy I've missed the last several ones. I love it though and was hoping to jump back on the band wagon. If you don't know what WIPocalypse is it's basically a great reason to stitch and blog about it. We update our blogs on the Full Moons. She is getting ready to setup the check in's for the next year. I can't wait and hope to be better about doing every month and not missing some like I did. (All that traveling haha).

Oh my goodness looks like the last one I posted was in June!!! Epic Fail there Katie.

So since then I've been working on the Halloween Fright Night Friends Banner. Here is my last progress picture...
I've also been working on Thankful Critters and I finished it...
I've also started Tribal Santa Hat by White Willow...
With all the traveling we've been so lucky to do this year I haven't done as much lately. But I will take all those wonderful amazing memories over finishes any day. Now that it's those long winter months of no camping or traveling I'll catch back up. See ya next month for the last WIPocalypse. Hope you got a lot accomplished if you joined in.


  1. Everything looks great. I love your halloween banner and the finish is adorable. I love all those little critters.

  2. Lots of great stitching:)

  3. I'm sure you will. Your stitching looks lovely.

  4. Everything looks lovely and I enjoyed your travels just as if I were there :-)

  5. great job as always and Katie my granddaughter had her baby yesterday Ellie Jo has made her appearance at 1:19 AM not a good sign that means she will probably be a night owl!!!


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