Nov 25, 2013

Monday Update

It's that time of year. It's COLD outside!!! But it feels wonderful. Stay inside my warm home and cover up with a blanket. Ahhh. Feels so good. We did venture out to start our Christmas shopping. I always hate it for one reason....then it makes me really really excited for Christmas! I can't wait! I want to play now!!! haha It's sad that I'm 34 and like a big it's not sad I love being this way.

Last week I worked on Fright Night Friends. Here is my progress...
Here is a close up of where I'm working. I would just LOVE to finish this year but I don't know. We'll see. I keep making the list of what I want to stitch next year. I'm getting exciting about it. Just wish it all went faster haha. I keep seeing new things I just have to work on of course.

I also started a cute turkey piece...
It will say Gobble till you Wobble. It's from the Summer 2011 Stoney Creek magazine. For some reason I've fallen in love with Stoney Creek lately. I never did one until Paradise and I was HOOKED. Well I hope everyone has a great Turkey Week.


  1. Great progress Katie and I love your new start.


  2. You are making good progress on Halloween. It's looking great. Your Turkey piece is cute.

  3. Great progress and the turkey is cute.


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