Mar 24, 2014

IHSW Results

Friday I started Joan Elliott's Spring Fairy. I'm stitching on a light pink colored fabric. It might be a linen cause it's sure uneven which for me is something I don't like. But I stuck with it. My new frame worked perfect. Instead of my typical Q-Snaps it's a scroll frame so I can bead as I go along. I liked that but it's a lot bigger to handle. I worked on her all Saturday afternoon too. Here is where I got...
I finished the pink section on her skirt on the top page. So Saturday evening when I finished this section I pondered do I want to work on her Sunday or the Pirate Ship which was jumping up and down beside me screaming Me Me!!!
So Sunday the Ship forced me to work on it and I'm so glad I did cause I finished the 2nd page. I'm so happy! Finished just in time for the start of Walking Dead too haha. Priorities ya know. Now I can start the 3rd page which is a lot smaller than these two pages. As of my count right now I just finished Day 26 on the Ship. Not bad for that many days work on it.

Saturday morning Mom and me headed to our first garage sale of the year. It's a nearby town (Auburn for people who know Indiana). It's called the Great American Garage Sale. You can find a little of this and a lot of that. Anything from $.25 to $1,000 mixed in. I got a little plastic holder for beads or what nots. Some tie dye shirts. Mom found a really neat wooden boat decoration. It was a fun time. We bought lunch and brought it home for the boys. It was a very nice weekend. Now let's get this week to be the same. Today's already been great. So far so good. So how was your weekend?


  1. It was a bit cold here, but overall it was a good weekend. Lots of crafting done :)

    You've made a lot of progress on your ship. There's always lots to look at on it.

    Nice progress on the JE piece, too.

  2. Great progress Katie.


  3. Great progress pics. It was a very cold weekend. Saturday I babysat my grandson because my son and his girlfriend moved to a new apartment. Carson was really good for me. He is now 2 months old.

  4. Fantastic progress on both pieces. Well done for getting a page finish on Pirate Ship. It looks wonderful!


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