Mar 31, 2014

Long Update

I always mean to do smaller updates and then I forget and it ends up being one long update. So stick with me. :o)

First yesterday was a new moon which means it was TUSAL time. Here is what my current thread pieces look like in my ornament holder...
We are getting closer and closer to our Disney trip. The new bracelets that replace the key cards (they are your hotel key, park pass, meal plan, basically everything you need in a bracelet instead of card) arrived the other day. Now we are really getting excited. So they just had to be included in the TUSAL picture.

Over the weekend we were pretty busy. Saturday we started the morning (in the SNOW!!!) by going to another local sale. The outdoor flea market my mom sold at for 17 years does a traveling winter show. They had one here in Ft Wayne so we went to it. I got some shirts and some jewelry cleaner. My wedding ring looks like the day I bought it again finally. Then Fred took me out to do some errands. My framing was ready. So first stop of course was to pick that up. Here are the finished pieces...
The seasonal one switches out so just the one frame will be used for all the pieces. She said it's alot cheaper than doing each one framed. It was funny cause she told me she loaded the Spring one for me and it was snowing still outside the window. I said maybe we should switch to the other one haha. Clay's memorial piece is just perfect. I love how they framed it.

Sunday we headed out again and went to a geocaching meeting. There were only a few there but the weather was finally fantastic so it was a lot better than Saturday to be out. We grabbed another cache and headed home. I did get a lot of stitching done this weekend in between being out and about...
I finished the stitching for the 3rd page. Now just need to do the backstitching and I can move up on the ship. Jeremiah had the icky over the weekend. Just a head cold but just didn't feel like moving off the couch. So we got a ton of shows watched together. He said last night it was kind of nice being sick cause we got all caught up on our WWE shows off the DVR. I told him Yeah Come on Be sick more often haha. Makes sense right? Well I think I'm finally done with my update. I know you're glad aren't you?


  1. Gorgeous stitching Katie. I'm working on that part of the pirate ship right now! I love your framed pieces especially Clay ' s memorial piece. The framing really sets it off. Your post isn't too long. It's like meeting with a good friend for a catch up.

  2. Your framed pieces are gorgeous Katie. Great progress on the Pirate Ship.


  3. You must be so excited about your Disney trip! The ORTs ornament is beautiful. Great job on Clay's memorial piece and the seasonal framing! What a good idea to share the frame. Are you stitching Summer and Autumn designs too?

  4. Love all the framed pieces. Nice progress on the pirate ship.

  5. The pirate ship is looking amazing (as always!)

    Spring and Winter look gorgeous too. Both very pretty designs. :)

    Sorry to hear Jeremiah is poorly with a cold at the minute, hope he feels better soon and doesn't share it with you all.

  6. I expected that to be a lot longer! Lol Guess that only happens on mine. I should update mine. I think it's been since May of last year! All of your stitching looks wonderful. I love the seasonal pieces. Clay's memorial piece is perfect. I love how that is framed. I wish my HAED was going as fast as your pirate ship! Can't wait to see that one finished. You're going to Disney? And you didn't invite me? Really.....? :) Someday we'll get back there. The bracelets are a cool idea. I'm glad J is feeling better, even though it doesn't seem like he minded it too much. :)

  7. Your framed pieces are beautiful!! Lovely stitching update :)

  8. Clay's piece turned out lovely, I really like the collar included in the framing.


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