Apr 2, 2014

Ship Update

I finished the bottom 3 pages. Now I get to work on the upper part of the ship. The line on the left hand side goes up to the top of the 4th page. There will be a lot of fun details on these parts. The top 3 pages are pretty small with not much stitching so I'm excited to work on this and I can see the finish in my future which really really excites me cause I already have the spot picked out on the wall I want to hang it haha.

I'm going to put it down for a little bit though...

A friend posted about this too cute SAL. The first design is already out and it's called Katie Kitty. Like I needed any more of a sign that I needed to stitch these haha. The 2nd part comes out next Tuesday I heard. I'm going to make little pillows for each one and put them in a basket when it comes to Christmas time. It looks like it will be a fast stitch.


  1. Your ship looks great!

  2. The pirate ship looks fantastic Katie. I'm going to be doing that SAL too.


  3. Wow you have stitched so much of the pirate ship! It looks great. Good idea to do the back stitch as you go along. I can't believe you are doing an advent SAL in April! Cute Katie Cat though.

  4. Your cut thru design looks great, huge progress! I think on such a busy chart, it's a really good idea to do the backstitch as you go along :)


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