May 18, 2014

1st Camping Trip

This weekend was our 1st camping trip of the year. It was time for the Spring Picnic. Indiana geocachers have two picnics each year. Spring is always north of Indianapolis and the fall one is south. This time was at Tippecanoe River State Park. We had never been there before. It was a really nice park. My dad and step mom came and did the food. It was better than most restaurants. We had two other friends come to camp right with us. Several other friends were there but had cabins and didn't really sit with us much. I'll tell ya what though it was a really nice time. It was chilly and rained a few times but the laughs were so worth it. We had a heater in our tent and with the canopy it really helps hold the heat inside.

Jeremiah's best friend was there. It's so much fun to listen to them laugh all weekend. It was a great time indeed. Now we are home again. We might be going camping again this weekend. So I have a lot to get done. Maybe I'll find time to pick up my stitching needle again though. It's been over a month now.


  1. What a great setup Katie. Sounds like fun.


  2. Sounds like a great camping trip, but I think you should stop if only for a minute and at least make a few xxs.

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend!


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